White Gold Charms

Throughout the history of a human mankind people of different nations have been trying to create some amulets, talismans or charms to bring them good luck and happiness. Special charms were also used in many tribes to protect from evil. Your next question will be, whether they actually work or not. Well, it doesn't really matter whether you believe in this magic or not, because our white gold charms are an immenselyattractive piece of jewelry, which will definitely accent your individuality and win everybody's attention! Make your choice in our fabulous collection of white gold charms, including Solid Horseshoe Charm, Diamond Sandal Pendant, Medium Cross Pendant and lots of others! Choose your personal talisman in different variations of length, width and design! Create your new image! Find the best to your own liking! Be magnetic! Be personable! Be showy! Make yourself more beautiful and enjoy our charms a lifetime!

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14k White Gold Kid Charm14k White Gold Kid CharmYour Price: $86.48
14k White Gold Cuddle Charm14k White Gold Cuddle CharmYour Price: $113.42