The first clocks are believed to appear in the 15th century. But of course they were huge and inconvenient. In 1511 Peter Henlein, a Nürnberg clockmaker, invented a special mechanism which made it possible to place watch in a pocket! And after that, as time passed by and new technologies appeared, wristwatches were invented. In the 1820s wristwatches were worn only by women, as gentlemen considered them to be "unmanly". But during World War I they came into fashion thanks to soldiers who used them during the battles when their hands were busy with the arms, but they constantly needed to know the exact time.

Late for the Date!? Then you are on the right way! We offer watches of cutting edge styles, excellent quality, exquisitely crafted and of eternally glamorous look. You'll find sporty, elegant, classic, chic, luxurious branded, high-tech and highly fashionable watches here! Pierre Cardin, Charles Hubert, Lucien Piccard, Alfred Sung gold-plated, water-resistant, Swarovski Crystal, diamond accented, pendant watches - are those time pieces that will definitely fit your taste, and will ideally suit your dazzling outfit.

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