Toe Rings

Tradition of wearing rings on the toes came to us from India. There toe rings are worn by women to show their married state to strangers. Not long ago the fashion of wearing toe rings spread in western countries and in the U.S.A. Today this accessory is most commonly worn on the second toe of either of the foot. A toe ring can be made out of various metals, but rings of gold and silver are considered to be more widespread. Toe rings especially popular because they suit many of the fashionable footwear, such as flip flops or barefoot sandals. Our collection of toe rings will help you to find a perfect match to your favorite footwear! This new accessory is especially suitable for those who love to walk barefoot! Choose the best toe jewelry for a swimming pool or a beach season! Be attractive and up-to-date whenever you are!

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14K Gold Bare Feet Toe Ring14K Gold Bare Feet Toe RingYour Price: $134.62
14K Gold Turtle Toe Ring14K Gold Turtle Toe RingYour Price: $127.08
14K Gold Peace Sign Toe Ring14K Gold Peace Sign Toe RingYour Price: $104.18