Diamond Stud Princess Cut Earrings

Diamond cut is the way in which a diamond is shaped while it is designed. This characteristic is very important in a diamond, as it greatly affects the extent of brilliance of this diamond. How many types of diamond cuts do you know? Of course some have already learnt different characteristics of diamonds and know exactly what they want; they know that there are about several dozen cuts of diamonds. Here we will talk about Princess Cut Diamond Stud Earrings. This type of diamond cut is the second most popular (after round one) among today's existing diamond cuts. A princess cut was invented in 1960, so it is relatively young and new. The face of the diamond (if it is a princess cut) is square. It has nowadays become rather popular and it is able to meet competition, thanks to its unique cut (this cut is completely different from all known ones). So, now, do you realize that Princess Cut Diamond Stud Earrings are those perfect earrings that you definitely need?

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