Stud Earrings

Long ago earrings were usually worn by this or that sex, depending on particular civilization. Throughout the human history the attitude towards earrings changed not once. As an example, in the Middle Ages this piece of jewelry was popular with swindlers and pirates. Later not only metals, but various gemstones were welcome to decorate the earrings. In a modern world, the list of all possible varieties of these tiny things is endless. We represent you a perfect collection of stud earrings, which are on the top of the most stylish and convenient ones today! These earrings are very elegant and you will hardly find any outfit that won't match them. Besides, these earrings are constructed in such a way that they let the post hold this accessory as secure as possible. Now don't be afraid to lose your expensive or just favourite earrings in your bedroom, swimming pool or somewhere else! You may be absolutely sure that this pair of stud earrings will please you for long years!

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14K 3mm CZ Round Studs14K 3mm CZ Round StudsYour Price: $59.70