Turquoise was among the first gems to be mined. The name of this gemstone takes its origin from a French word "pierre turquoise", meaning a Turkish stone. Buddhists valued turquoise because according to one legend Buddha used turquoise to kill a monster. Turquoise was believed to be a stone of victory and happiness, as well as a talisman of war men. This gemstone was especially valued by Aztecs of Central America, as they were buried together with emerald decorations. Turquoise is a national stone of Persian people. They thought that turquoise is formed from the bones of people who died because of love. Turquoise is said to cure headaches and bleeding. It symbolizes wealth, love, youth and hope. It is also said to be a stone of happiness. The most well-known mines, which were already known six thousand years ago, are situated in Sinai. Turquoise is also mined in Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Uzbekistan. Now you have an opportunity to look at our collection of turquoise jewelry and find one to please you or your friend! Spoil yourself!

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