Tourmaline & Kunzite

Tourmaline and Kunzite...these two gemstones are surrounded by numerous interesting stories, legends and facts. As far as tourmaline is concerned there is an Egyptian legend according to which tourmaline was found in the centre of the Earth, and when it was coming out it passed through the rainbow. So that's the reason for tourmaline today being found in any colour: yellow, pink, green, etc. Moreover tourmaline is considered to be the gemstone which can prevent an accidental death of a person; they say it might increase person's creativity and helps women to get pregnant.
As for Kunzite, this gemstone is not like the others, which are usually thousands years old: Kunzite is comparatively young stone, as it has been found only about one hundred years ago. This delicate pink gemstone is often talked about as a gemstone of love, as they say that it has some magic power to make its wearer devoted to the person, who gave him this gemstone. Besides many people consider it to have some healing forces, it helps a person to calm down. Whether you believe these facts or not Tourmaline and Kunzite earrings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, bracelet slides, and rings will surely sparkle up your everyday routine and will make you a little bit happier with the help of its bright colours.

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