Pure topaz is quite colorless, but used for jewelry it can be made blue, white, yellow, gold and so on. In the middle ages any yellow gemstone was named topaz. They say that its name can be derived from an Assyrian word meaning "flashed". The first deposits of topaz were found in an island Topazion in the Red sea. The main deposits of topaz are also found in such countries as Germany, Russia, Japan, Brazil, Norway, Italy, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Nowadays topaz is highly used in jewelry decoration and very popular with gemstone amateurs. Topaz is a symbol of strength. Astrologists especially recommend wearing topaz for Libra and Leo. We suggest you looking at our new collection of jewelry with topaz, including Owl Necklace, Antique Ring, Multi-Colored Dangle Earrings, Oval Bracelet, Circular Rainbow Bracelet Slide and lots of others! Embellishyour life with sparkling beauty! Be stylish and enjoy the gemstones!

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