Ruby takes the second place after diamond according to its hardness. The word ruby has a Latin origin, meaning red. The first facts about ruby were found in Indian and Burma manuscripts. In Roman Empire ruby was even more valuable than diamond. The most famous rubies are "Edwards Ruby" and "The North Star", situated in famous museums in London and New York. Ruby is recommended for those who have inflammation, all kinds of fractures, asthma, paralysis, depression, insomnia. It helps to cure psoriasis, rheumatism and epilepsy. Ruby is believed to charm away the high blood pressure and save from nightmares. According to ancient legends, ruby is a symbol of life. It promises a fiery love and reciprocity in one's feelings. Astrologists especially suggest wearing aquamarine for Leo, Cancer and Capricorn. Ruby is the anniversary gemstone for the 15th year of marriage and the birthstone for the month of July. Our collection includes a wide variety of jewelry with ruby and you have a wonderful opportunity to choose one of it! Find something to your personal liking and don't forget to buy!

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14k 5x3mm Oval Ruby earring14k 5x3mm Oval Ruby earringYour Price: $109.08
Emerald & diamond oval ringEmerald & diamond oval ringYour Price: $996.67
Ruby bezel set ringRuby bezel set ringYour Price: $399.33