Quartz is one of the most abundant gemstones on the Earth. Pure quartz is usually colorless, though there are many colored varieties of quartz, among which citrine, amethyst, rose and smoky quartz are most common. Some historians suppose that the name 'quartz' comes from the Saxon word 'Querkluftertz', meaning cross-vein ore. In the Irish language a word means 'stone of the sun'. The most well-known deposits of quartz are situated in the United States and Brazil. It is also a symbol of love and freedom. We offer you a brilliant collection of jewelry with quartz, which will definitely enrich your life with magic beauty and accent any of your outfits. Have a look at our selection, including Heart-Shaped Multi-Stone Bracelet or Floral Bracelet, Antiqued or Flower Earrings, Crystal Tummy Toy, Scarf Necklace, Dangle Chain Link Earrings and many more! Purchase wonderful quartz jewelry and win everybody's attention! Be stylish! Be individual!

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