The most frequent color of pearl is white, pale pink, blue and green. According to some legends, pearl appeared out of Goddess of love tears. That's why the statues of Aphrodite and Venus were always decorated with pearl. The name of this gemstone takes its origin from a Latin word "pernula", meaning "a seashell". In previous centuries pearls were mined from the sea depths and the profession of pearl catcher was considered to be very dangerous. Today the pearl is grown on special plantations. The pearls are also found in India, Ceylon, and Iran. There are many beliefs connected with pearl. In Roman Empire pearl was the symbol of power and wisdom as well as the symbol of happiness for women. There people also put pearl into wine of the guests to show them the chastityof their intentions. Pearl is the birthstone for the month of June and the gemstone for the 3rd and 30th years of marriage. Our fab collection includes all kinds of jewelry with pearl, including pearl earring and bracelets! Today you can choose it and become the witness of its perfect quality and unique design!

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