A pure opal is almost colorless, but its main advantage is to give different shades under the impact of the sunlight. The word opal takes its origin from a Latin "opalns", which means "a gemstone". In antiquity opal was considered to bring great luck to its owner , as it possess all the virtues of most of gemstones have. Opal is said to cure heart diseases, nervous system, prevent melancholy and depression and improve one's eyesight. In ancient times opal was a symbol of loyalty and associated with religious feelings. Opal is Australia's national gemstone. About 95% of the world's opal is produced here. Astrologists say that opal is the best gemstone for Libra. Opal is the birthstone for the month of October and the gemstone for the 14th year of marriage. Today you can choose the best opal jewelry from our collection. Just have a look and find one for your personal taste. You will be definitely not disappointed with its perfect quality and a fab design! Have a nice time and choice!

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