Onyx is a special variety of quartz. Onyx comes from a Greek word meaning "fingernail" as its flesh tone color resembles a fingernail. Onyx was widely used by ancient Greeks and Romans. It was Egypt where people used it to make pottery. The main peculiarity of onyx that its color ranges from white to almost every color, but pure black one is the most common. The most well-known variant of onyx is sardonyx, in which the colored bands are red. Onyx is said to prevent from all kinds of illness. It decreases the ache, strengthens one's memory. Onyx, framed in silver prevents from insomnia and heartache. The wearing of onyx gives an edge to one's hearing. This gemstone is a symbol of eloquence. It also has some mystical characteristics, as it makes its owner more energetic and go-getting. Onyx is the best gemstone for Capricorn and Cancer. Besides, it is a symbol of the 7th wedding anniversary. Choose catchy onyx jewelry, such as earrings, necklaces, rings with onyx and lots of other and you won't be disappointed! Enjoy!

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