Emerald is a variety of beryl. The word emerald comes from Sanskrit "izmargad", meaning "emerald". In antiquity most emeralds were mined in Egypt. The gemstones from those mines found their place in the treasure houses of the richest rulers. There is also a legend that one of the emperors used emerald lens to watch gladiator fights. Emerald is said to be a talisman of mothers and seamen. Today emeralds are mined in Brazil, Madagascar, Pakistan, India, Russia. The best and most well-known emeralds are mined in Columbia. They say that emeralds improve one's memory, cure insomnia. Deposits of emerald were known in the Arabian desert two thousand years B.C. Astrologists say that emeralds are the best gemstones for Cancer and Leo. If you give emerald as a present, it means that you wish good luck to its owner. It also symbolizes devotion and sincerity. Emerald is the anniversary gemstone for the 20th and the 35th years of marriage and the birthstone for the month of May. Now have a glance at our new selection of emerald jewelry and choose the best one for you and your friends! You will be definitely in the seventh heaven!

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