Citrine is a variety of quartz with its color ranging from yellow to brown. In all its characteristics it's close to amethyst and topaz. The leader of producing this gemstone is Brazil. They say that citrine helps to cure inflammation, infections, diabetics, asthma and eczema. It cures diseases of liver, kidneyand urinary bladder. It also has some mystical features, as it prevents from hoo-doo, gives one a will to make the right decisions and strengthens one's faithfulness in love. Citrine is a birthstone for the month of November and the gemstone for the 13th year of marriage. Have a look at our selection of jewelry, including Owl Necklace, Bezel Set Studs, Rainbow Bracelet Slide, Dangle Post Earrings, Slide Starter Bracelet, Lever Back Earrings, Briolettes Dangle Heart Pendant and many others! Find a special accessory with wonderful citrine for you! Be modern and attractive together with gemstones! Accent your individual style!

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