Aquamarine is a gemstone of a blue-green color. Its name consists of two Latin words, meaning water and sea, as the color of aquamarine resembles shallow seas. The largest deposits of aquamarine are situated in Brazil. This gemstone was widely used for the decoration of the kings' crowns as well as for the production of lens. The wearing of aquamarine relieves toothache and stomachache; it's also effective for sea sickness. They say that aquamarine strengthens one's heart, helps to cure the diseases of the lungs, skin and nervous system. Aquamarine has a very positive energy and improves one's mood. It's capable of calming down the passion and curing the laziness. This gemstone develops eloquence and judiciousness. Astrologists especially suggest wearing aquamarine for Aquarius and Libra. Aquamarine is the anniversary gemstone for the 19th year of marriage and birthstone for the month of March. It's recommended to be worn only in the daytime. Today we offer you an opportunity to choose wonderful jewelry with aquamarine! Don't lose your chance to buy this marvelous gemstone!

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