The color of amethyst varies from colorless to violet and dark purple. Its name takes its origin from a Greek word "amethystos", which means "not drunk". There was a common belief that a man who drinks from amethyst bowlcan't be poisoned. In ancient China it was used in the production of caskets, while in Greece and Rome people used it for signets. Amethyst was highly valued in Europe and considered to be the best gemstone for the decoration of churches and the clothes of priests. In some Catholic countries amethyst was named "a bishop's gemstone". Since the 18th century it became especially popular for jewelry decoration. In medieval times it was considered to cure wrinkles and freckles. They say that amethyst brings happiness to its owner, strengthens one's will and improves metabolic conversion. In antiquity it was worn to protect from hoodoo. Amethyst is the anniversary gemstone for the sixth year of marriage and the birthstone for the month of February. Have a look at our collection of jewelry with amethyst and choose one or more for you! Make a perfect present for your beloved! Our choice won't disappoint your expectations!

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