Alexandrite & Iolite

Alexandrite is famous for the capability to change its colors in different light. In the daytime its color varies from dark blue to light green, while in artificial lightalexandrite is purple. That's why there was a legend that in the daytime alexandrite changes into emerald and at night it converses into a purple amethyst. They say this dualityof alexandrite is connected with the dualityof a man's blood in arteries and veins. Because of this reason alexandrite is considered to regulate hematogenesis, filterblood. It also symbolizes the versatility of a man's fate. Astrologists suggest wearing alexandrite for Gemini. As for iolite, it's also known for its inconstancy of color.Usually iolite has blue or yellow color, but it also can be colorless. The main deposits of iolite are situated in Finland, Norway, Sweden, The Urals and Ceylon. Now you can have a chance to choose wonderful jewelry with alexandrite and iolite from our collection! Enjoy our wide choice and you will definitely find something to please yourself!

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