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Since prehistoric times all kinds of gemstones were used for various purposes, such as making tools and weapon. Later people began to use it for jewelry decoration, which is still so popular in a modern world. In antiquity gemstones were believed to help in curing various diseases and health problems, including diabetics, inflammations, infections, toothache and heartache, all kinds of fractures, asthma, paralysis, depression, insomnia, psoriasis, epilepsy, eczema and others. They say that gemstones have some mystical features, as some of them prevent from hoo-doo, give positive energy, improve one's mood, bring fortune, and help in love. Just look at Opal Flower Ring or China Pearl Ring, Turquoise Flower-Shaped Earrings, Sapphire Heart Birthstone Necklace, Gold Aquamarine Slide and many more in the world of gemstone jewelry! Any of the gemstones from our collection is recommended by astrologists for this or that zodiac sign and wedding anniversary. Find your special one and enrich your day-to-day life with brilliant gemstones!

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4 prongs stud earrings4 prongs stud earringsYour Price: $3482.00
Diamond 1/2 way around bandDiamond 1/2 way around bandYour Price: $599.33
Diamond ringDiamond ringYour Price: $500.00