Shepherd Hook Earrings

You can never have too many pairs of earrings, right? Shepherd hook earrings are surely a "must-have" type in your accessory wardrobe. Well, as probably you've guessed the name of the earrings comes from the shape of a clasp they have. The post in such type of earrings is usually rather long (has a shape of a shepherd hook) and it goes through the piercing in your ear, so you shouldn't be really worried about the fact that you'll lose them. Besides, it should be mentioned that a shepherd hook clasp is a handy one, as you won't have to trouble yourself with fastening them while putting them on in the morning or unfastening - while taking them off in the evening. Gold, white gold, two-tone gold are the metals in which shepherd hook earrings are presented at our site. As for the gemstones: garnet, quartz, topaz, diamond, amethyst, citrine, peridot, rhodium and others are found here. Add quite a variety of shapes and colours and you'll get an ideal place for shopping for shepherd hook earrings!

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