Eternity Bands

Eternity band (or ring) is usually a circle of diamonds or other gemstones. There are two types of eternity bands: full and half ones. Full rings have gemstones all around them and half ones - only half of the circle, so that gemstones are displayed on the visible side of the ring and besides, it's easier to adjust such rings, if needed. But at the same time full rings are handy because while the ring's rotation on the finger, the gemstones are still perfectly seen. Usually eternity band is worn on the same hand and finger where engagement and wedding rings are. But if the rings are not slender, then it's not really convenient and usually only eternity band is left and the others are removed. But of course it's up to you to decide. Such an outstanding gift as an eternity band will be ideal for anniversary, birth of a child, or simply when you want to show that your love is eternal, constant and overwhelming. Sparkle your sweetheart's eyes with one of eternity rings from our site - 14K Yellow Gold .50ct Diamond Eternity Stack Band, 14K White Gold Pink Sapphire and Diamond Eternity Band Ring, 14K Yellow Gold .1ct Diamond Bubble Eternity Band or many more!

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