Here you find our Religious Collection of Rings: starting with Claddagh rings and ending with various 14K Gold Rings with Jesus and Crucifixes. As for Claddagh rings, they have a very interesting and long history, which goes back to the 17th century. Claddagh is a town in Ireland. In the 17th century there lived a young man - Richard Joyce, who, during his slavery in the Mediterranean Sea, got the perfect skills of goldsmithery. When he was parted with his beloved, he gave her a very famous now Claddagh Ring - a token of their eternal love. The Claddagh's Ring has the following distinctive design characteristics: two hands holding one heart, which is usually clambered up with a crown: the heart means Love, the Hands - Friendship, and the crown symbolizes Loyalty. And with this ring you can show your romantic intention: if you wear this ring on the right hand with heart facing out, then you show that you are free and ready for romantic relations, if heart faces inwards, then it means you're in love with somebody; if this ring is worn on the left hand with heart facing out, then it testifies that you're engaged, if the heart faces in - you're married. Take a shine to some religious ring here!

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