In ancient times the cross or crucifixion was one of the central methods of punishment. As a crucifix was considered to be a picture of Jesus Christ crucified on the cross, it was not until the middle ages when crucifixes became to be what we are used to face now. Before that crucifixes were associated with pagan and pre-Christian religions and beliefs.
Now they say that there is no such second holy Christian symbol that would be worn by people more than crucifix. Choose from an endless list of crucifix styles here - 14K Small Rounded Textured Crucifix, 14K Yellow Gold Hollow Crucifix Pendant, 14K Two-Toned Petite Puffy Rounded Crucifix, etc. Look through a variety of materials such as gold, white gold, sterling silver and go through many sizes, starting from large, then medium and at last petite, small and thin. We hope you will find a crucifix which will surely match your identifiable taste and that will be an outstanding symbol of your strong belief and faith.

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