Diamond Necklaces

A necklace has a varied history. It starts 40 000 years ago. And it is interesting that, for instance, in Rome in ancient times wearing jewelry was not really approved. The amount of jewelry articles that could be worn at the same time was controlled and regulated by law. Later on gemstones came into fashion and the most popular style of a necklace in those times was a gold necklace decorated by coloured gemstones all in a row. After that it became chick to wear several necklaces at the same time. Necklaces started defining the class and the level of wealth of its wearer. If we turn our attention to the necklaces today, we'll see that they have won and secured a strong position among other types of jewelry. Today one of the most sought necklaces are actually Diamond Necklaces, and of course for well-known reason of popularity of a diamond. So take a look at our broad variety of different types of Diamond Necklaces. Eleven categories are at your disposal.

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18k Diamond Necklaces Bezel Set Diamond Necklaces Black Diamond Necklaces
Diamond Chain Necklaces Diamond Cross Necklaces Diamond Heart Necklaces
Diamond Pendant Necklaces Pearl Diamond Necklaces Star Diamond Necklaces
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