Diamond Necklaces

What other gemstone can be more glamorous and desirable than a diamond? Diamonds have won their popularity due to their unique properties, no wonder that this gemstone takes its name from a Greek word adamas, meaning "proper". Some historians insist that diamonds are six thousand years old. In early history of a mankind diamond was used to engrave tools. In the 19th century there was a high increase in the popularity of diamonds firstly due to new technologies in cutting and polishing. Besides, diamonds have the highest characteristics of clarity and hardness, that's why diamonds of various shapes and color are widely used in all kinds of jewelry and necklaces in particular. Diamond necklaces are the best place to show the beauty of this gemstone and the style of their owners! And there is definitely no woman on the Earth that is not dream about trying on a gorgeous necklace with diamonds! We offer you a great collection of diamond necklaces, which will persuade you that diamonds are the best friends of women!

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