Necklaces came to existence about 75 thousand years ago. It is believed that the first necklace was made of mollusks and it was spotted in one of the caves of South Africa. In those distant times necklaces were of crucial importance. Both women and men used to wear it. Necklaces were worn because of the status it gave, of course for the reason of decoration, also because it could show your religious or tribal belonging. Many underestimate the importance of necklaces nowadays and consider this article of jewelry to be appropriate only at dinner parties; but at the same time a necklace is a piece of jewelry which you wear around the neck and in such a way you draw other people's attention to this part of your body and to some others which are no less prettier. Besides necklaces are nowadays no more those fussy and mannered pieces which were so popular in previous times, today you can find a necklace which will obviously become a part of your everyday outfit.

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