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Today, if we talk about diamonds, we should remember that only 25% of the natural diamonds of the world are used as gemstones, the others 75% - only for industrial purposes. If we remember about the Dark Ages, diamonds in those times were used in medical purposes - they were supposed to heal wounds. It has been numerously times stated that diamonds are the hardest existing natural stones in the world. Although diamond was discovered probably earlier than 400 BC in India, it has gained a real popularity in the 20th century.
If we turn our attention to the meaning of these magnificent gemstones, then we will learn that a diamond is considered to be a symbol of eternity (thanks to its hardness properties), endless love and purity of feelings. If we talk about birthstones, they say diamonds are for those ones who were born in April.
But it really doesn't matter for what purposes you've decided to buy diamond jewelry: as a present for someone, as a birthstone, or simply as money investment. The only thing which counts is that you are here, facing a catalogue which counts pretty a broad variety of different diamond jewelry! So, dive for all this luxury - diamond bracelets, necklaces, rings, earring and what's not! Take the plunge!

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