Diamond Earrings

Are you searching for a brilliant jewelry to accent your style? Are you mad about something really attractive? Then diamond earrings are waiting for you! Diamond jewelry has a long history, full of legends. First diamonds were found in India about three thousand years ago. This hardest substance in the world was firstly used not for engraving tools. And since ancient times diamond has been a symbol of royalty, wealth and value. Ancient philosophers, such as Plato, wrote about this gem as about a living being, having his own soul. In antiquity people wore diamond jewelry because it was thought to give a magical power and present its owner a particular strength. Diamond was a talisman of many prominent war men, such as Napoleon and Julius Caesar. It was also believed to ward off evil and misfortune. A house, touched with this magic gemstone was supposed to be saved from storms and lightning. It was also believed to heal the wounds, prevent from poisoning and bring success in any deeds. Once Marlin Monroe said that diamonds are women's best friends and it is still true! Be special! Be brilliant! Be glamorous together with diamond earrings!

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