Wire Hoop Earrings

Ear piercing has one of the oldest histories among different kinds of body decoration. It was Persia, whose warriors started to pierce their ears to protect them from enemies and bring good luck. However, hardly the popularity of earrings was so high as in the 20th century and at present. In the middle of the previous century earrings were especially fashionable with hippies, as well as rock amateurs. Today earrings can be seen not only on teenagers, but on celebrities from all over the world! We offer you our collection of wire hoop earrings, which are stylish and comfortable to wear! Looking like a circle of a different diameter and having a special wire to be easily closed, wire hoop earrings are a hit in the world of earrings. Nowadays so many people are fascinated with wire hoop earrings that even some clubs of hoop lovers have already appeared! Their followers are sure that no other earrings look so sexy and nothing can top them! Try to find the best size of that accessory for you and feel that pleasure to be the center of attention!

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