Threader Earrings

Threader earrings are called so because of their construction, they are like threads - go through the pierced ear and hang down freely adding an unforgettable and intricate image to its wearer. With threader rings you don't have any need in sophisticated clutches, or other backings which are often lost and broken. Besides it is common knowledge that young people nowadays are keen on piercing, and commonly their ears are pierced not only once. Imagine how tricky and brilliantly threader earrings would look, if woven through a number of piercings in your ear?! Threader earrings come in different styles and metals, also with a broad variety of dangles, gemstones and charms. We may offer a wide choice of stylish fashionable trendsetting threader earrings: 14K Gold Cross Threader Earrings, 14K Gold Mesh Heart Threader Earrings, Sterling Silver Black Crystal, Turmarine Crystal Threader Earrings, and 14K White Gold Polished Thread of Gold Tube Earrings are among them. Get your thread!

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