Post Earrings

Post earrings are those earrings which have a "rod" which goes straight through the piercing in your ears, and also they are attached to the ear and stay there with the help of special "backing", which slides on this rod and keeps your post earrings in place. This kind of earrings is especially for those who've just had their ears pierced, as that part, which goes through your ear is just of the needed diameter not to allow your newly-pierced holes in the ears to close. But of course it doesn't mean that Post earrings are not worn by other people. It is an indispensible type of earrings which every lady should have. Post Earrings suit all types of faces and they will never look gaudily and out of place. 14K Yellow Gold Tiny Shell Post Earrings, 14K Small Plain Heart Baby Posts, 14K Rose Gold Tiny Flower Post Earrings, 14K White Gold 4mm Ball Posts, etc. - any you will choose for yourself, your friends or your newly-born daughter to make them smart, nice and up-to-date.

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