Pearl Stud Earrings

Long ago people began to use pearl in jewelry - pendants, necklaces, earrings. Today pearl jewelry is one of the most desirable with women all over the world. The pearls, growing in the wild, cost a pretty penny, that's why the majority of sold ones are cultured. There are several factors which influence the price of pearl jewelry, the most important are its size and luster. Types of pearl shape also differ, as there exist oval, round, semi-round pearls and many others. Nature itself created pearl in a very convenient way to use it in stud earrings! Pearl stud earrings are not just an attractive piece of jewelry, but are comfortably closed and will match any pearl necklace or bracelet. In ancient times people wore pearl to get rid offrom hoo-doo and get more fortune. Have a look at our collection of pearl stud earrings and find your own pearl of good luck!

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