Nautical Earrings

The piercing of ears is one of the oldest types of body decoration. The carved images of the solders of the Persian Empire showed the pierced ears of the warriors. In modern history the fashion of wearing earrings was at its peak in the early 1920s, but later it reduced due to the appearance of clips-on earrings. At that time ear-piercing was widespread among sailors and that sign meant that its owner had crossed the equator. While in early history most earrings were done in metal, nowadays glass, plastic or earrings with precious stones are also available. In a present-day world the theme of pirates is not so hot; however, nautical earrings are very fashionable. We offer you a broad collection of nautical earrings! Just look at these gorgeous earrings with tiny shells, funny sea- stars, pretty dolphins and many others! Choose your style and be in the forefront!

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