Chandelier Earrings

Chandelier earrings are earrings in the shape of chandeliers, only upside down. They usually have several levels and branches, and they have been enormously popular in the last few years. As usually they are rather long, imagine how elegantly and affectionately they float and rock near the woman's neck and give an unforgettable and outstanding image. That's why chandelier earrings is the type of earrings which will obviously be present in a collection of every modern trendy looking woman. This "must have" kind of earrings always gives a royal and aristocratic look to a woman who puts them on. Chandelier earrings enforce the delicate look of woman's neck thanks to its length and intricate design. This type of earrings shouldn't be worn with necklaces as it might overdo your general appearance, because chandelier earrings are spectacular on their own. However wearing some exquisite ring or funky bracelets will obviously give the finishing touch to your personality. Made of sterling silver or gold, encrusted with diamonds, pearls, amethysts and other kinds of gemstones will surely sparkle you out!

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