Whether you have pierced your ears only once, or if you even have two, three and even more piercings in your ears, we will be happy to supply you with the most voguish, stylish and extravagant earrings which you will be able anywhere to find. And in general the history of wearing earrings starts as early as five centuries ago. In ancient times earrings often served as an identification sign: they helped to define tribal identity, sometimes religious and even political beliefs, also they used to show social status of its wearer. Another function of earrings in previous times was a protective one, as people believed that evil spirits could enter and take control over you through one of the "holes" in a person's body. Today of course the purposes of wearing earrings have changed a little bit. Nowadays earrings are jewelry pieces which finish up your outfit; you may find earrings for any occasion of your life today - for work, wedding, a big night out, and even for lying on the beach. There exist more than a dozen of different kinds of earrings: French clips, C-Hoop, post, threader, chandelier, stud... Browse through the list of earrings at our site and find a pair of earrings which will help you to express your personal taste, and which will tie together all tiny intricate details of your favourite outfit.

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