Diamond is the most expensive and well-beloved gemstone of most women. In most cases jewelry pieces with diamonds are crystal, but there are blue, violet, green and even diamonds with yellowish shades. Nevertheless the most precious are crystal diamonds as they shine garishly when at light. Diamond has no rivals among gemstones. It goes without saying that it is sure a shoo-in in the world of jewelry and gemstones. Diamond in Greek means "unalterable". It is considered to be the hardest and the most valuable gemstone in the whole world. They say that a Diamond is a symbol of purity and a balanced personality. Besides it is said to help if you suffer from coughs and illnesses connected with lungs. We would be glad to bring to life all your most unexpected and off-the-wall ideas with the help of 3773 diamond jewelry pieces we have on our site - whatever you like - rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets and what not. The most chic designs shoulder to shoulder with the most coy, modest and humble - 14K Gold 0.50 ct Baguette Diamond Band, 14K Yellow Gold Ruby and Diamond Earrings, 14K White Gold Diamond and Reconstructed Turquoise Flower-Shaped Necklace, 14K Gold Diamond Slide Spacer.

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4 prongs stud earrings4 prongs stud earringsYour Price: $3482.00
Diamond 1/2 way around bandDiamond 1/2 way around bandYour Price: $599.33
Diamond ringDiamond ringYour Price: $500.00
Diamond Square necklaceDiamond Square necklaceYour Price: $599.33
14k A Diamond slide14k A Diamond slideYour Price: $440.73
Diamond ringDiamond ringYour Price: $1668.00