Diamond Toe Rings

Toe rings - what do we know about this type of jewelry? Many would say that toe rings are comparatively 'young' accessory, but in fact it has a fairly rich and long history. The history of this piece of jewelry comes up to India. Traditionally toe rings were worn on the second toe of each foot. In India if you wear a toe ring, it means that you are married. And in this country toe rings are usually made of silver. But in Western countries toe rings are just fashionable articles and they don't carry any religious symbolism. Besides today you can find hundreds of materials they are made from and hundreds of styles:along with dozens of various stones with which they are adorned. Diamonds are of course among them. And now, imagine a sunny shiny day and you are wearing funny flip-flops, sandals, or any other pair of summer shoes, your pedicure is ideal and this ensemble will be surely and ideally finished by a gorgeous Diamond Toe Ring! So, don't miss an opportunity to outshine the sun this summer!

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