Even in prehistoric times people made some special talismans and amulets to protect one from hoo-doo or hex, as these first decorations were believed to kill any evil that was around you. They say that those lucky charms bring fortune and happiness. We can't guarantee that charms from our collection actually work in this direction, but we can guarantee that your little kids will be happy to try them on and wear! Choose something personal for your child, as all pieces of jewelry are different in width, length, shape and style. Have a look at our new collection of non-allergic charms, including Satin Turtle Charm, Teddy Bear Charm, Tiny Lion Charm, Ladybug Charm and Interlocking Hearts Necklace done in sterling silver, white or yellow gold and others! You will be sure that these charms are a perfect match for up-to-date child image! Spoil your children with tiny sparkling charms, bringing them a true magic of a fairy-tale!

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