Three-Stone Diamond Pendants

A diamond...This gemstone is known to a mankind more than 5 thousand years, but it still attracts one's attention. The unique properties of a gemstone brought to birthlot of legends, concerning diamonds. In ancient India people believed that diamonds were formed from five components of nature - ground, sky, air, water and energy, that's why diamonds were said to have a wide range of mystical features. Whatever feature ofa diamond we take, it will surely have the word "most" by itself. Diamonds are the hardest, the shiniest, the most wear proof, the most expensive, the rarest gemstones in the world. And no doubt that this gemstone is one of the most attractive ones! Do you need more arguments? Today we represent you a brilliant collection of 3-stone diamond pendants, bringing new joy, delight, admiration into your life!
Enrich you days with beauty!

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