Talking Charms

Do you want to state something important? Or do you want to cry something to other people, but you think it would look strange? Talking Charms is the way out! Of course these charms don't actually "talk" to anybody, but they have sayings like: I love you, Nana, Dad, Firefighter's Wife, Friendship, Loyalty, Love; Soul mate, You are Always in my Heart, Best Friends, Perfect Wife, Sweet 16, I love my Grandma, Daddy's Little Girl, Bridesmaid, Super Dad, Believe, Marine Wife, Grandpa, etc. And also here you'll find such sweet Talking Charms as Mommy/me break - apart, Big sister/ Little sister break - apart, and many more both in gold, yellow gold, two-tone gold and sterling silver. So as you see, there is quite a wide variety of different phrases, titles and quotations. And if you please you can even compose dialogues! Find your Talking charm to fit a special situation - be sure, here you'll manage to do it.

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14K Gold #1 Son Charm14K Gold #1 Son CharmYour Price: $116.10
14K Gold Baby Girl Charm14K Gold Baby Girl CharmYour Price: $81.56
10k Nana Charm10k Nana CharmYour Price: $64.66
10k SUPER MOM CHARM10k SUPER MOM CHARMYour Price: $59.78