Diamond Solitaire Pendants

For many centuries diamonds arouse different emotions - delight, astonishment, envy,but never leave anybody indifferent. The unique properties of diamonds led to numerous legends, concerning this gemstone. Many people believed diamonds brought good luck to their owners. It was a talisman of Julius Caesar and Napoleon no wonder diamond is considered to be a gemstone of winners. Diamonds came to Europe in the 5th century AD, but only 5 centuries ago they became popular due to appearance of some appliances to grind it. Emperors, kings and military commanders were the first to try on the most appreciated gemstone. Women began to wear diamonds in the 15th century and since that time these gemstone have a tradition to be named. Have a look at our collection of diamond solitaire pendants and take a wonderful opportunity to choose a diamond of your dream! Be charming, be brilliant, be unique together with diamond solitaire pendants!

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