Various shapes, forms, precious stones, colours, materials, and styles. You can wear funky style, new classic and elegant, vintage, romantic, hardcore and others. You may be preparing for travelling to the seaside, going out to a wedding or Christening, arranging for a date, or other special and remarkable event for you. In all these cases we would be glad to offer you Slides, which will make you look beaming and dazzling. Just take a look through our collection of Slides at our site. Among 174 Slides you'll find sterling silver, gold, yellow gold, two-tone gold, white gold, and even rose gold Slides. You can choose a slide for yourself according to your eyes' colour, style, or any other reason, it's up to you to decide. CZ, diamond, Turquoise, opal, rhodium, onyx, Swarovski crystal, pearl, and further on and on - these are only few gems used for creating our Slides. Slide through the pages with these masterpieces and stop at "yours".

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