Professional Charms

Take a close look at our outstanding collection of Professional Charms! Any professions, any professional equipment, any proud ranks... Are you a keen photographer, a faithful nurse, a courageous fireman, policeman or a perhaps a real and affectionate mom or someone's loving wife? And what about some creativity and originality: an artist, a professional dancer, a devoted scuba diver, a musician, an actor or a barber? Or maybe you come across and use some special equipment every day - roulette chip, cards, ballet slippers, handcuffs, or stirrups? Also it's an ideal way and an excellent idea of presents and gifts to your colleagues, your boss, or some other close people. As well as these Professional Charms can show your dedication to a certain profession, it may also show your keenness on some unique hobby: theatre-going, music, cars, gardening, circus, or any other particular ones. Have you found your fancy? All professions are needed and important nowadays - make a statement about yourself with the help of our unique selection of Professional Charms.

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14K Gold Trolley Charm14K Gold Trolley CharmYour Price: $318.36