Diamond Pendants

Have you ever thought when diamonds appeared? The oldest known diamond is about 3,2 billion years old, while the youngest is 9 hundred million years old! Can you imagine?! The word "diamond" in Greek means "unconquerable". You will never find two twin-diamonds, as every diamond is a unique gemstone, which has no copy. The rarest and consequently the most expensive ones are red diamonds, although you can find diamonds in numerous other colours and shades. So as you should have already understood buying a Diamond Pendant is a very responsible decision and also it's a really wise investment from your side. So our white gold, two-tone gold, yellow gold, or simply gold Diamond Pendants of various styles (vintage, cameo, baby shoe, nautical, religious, gemstone, etc) and for various prices (from a $100 to a $1000), which is among the most important factors, as diamonds are rather pricy things, are at your disposal. And we are sure that one of our Diamond Pendants will be worth the money it is sold for, and that it would shine for you every time you put it on.

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