Pearl Pendants

Many historians insist that pearl was already known to a human civilization more than six thousand years old. Its name takes its origin from a Latin "seashell". Long ago pearl was considered to be a symbol of beauty and used to decorate the statue of Aphrodite - an ancient Goddess of love. A pearl-catcher was a quite dangerous profession, as he took out it from the sea depths. Today the majority of the pearl, sold on a world market is cultured, that means that it is grown on special plantations. Due to its particular beauty and a convenient shape, pearl is widely used in jewelry decoration, as well as for making pendants. There are many old mysterious beliefs, connected with pearl. In Roman Empire women wore pearl decorations to bring them happiness and wisdom. They say that pearl also prevents from hoo-doo and strengthens one's love. We present you a wonderful choice of pearl pendants, which will definitely bring you positive emotions!

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