Initial Charms

Do you bother your head about a present for your best friend, relative, boyfriend or whoever? There is an ideal way out. With this kind of present you will never get screwed. Initial Charms is your salvation! It's always up to date and it'll never be out of place. Besides, the use of Initial Charms is only limited by your imagination, as you can buy not only the initials of your name and surname, you also can construct any word or even phrase which have some special meaning for you or for the person to whom you present an Initial Charm. Any letters of the alphabet; any materials: white gold, yellow gold, two-tone gold, sterling silver; any styles of letters: antiqued and textured, block and satin script, plain and slanted; letters of any sizes: little, medium and large; with or without gems. Name yourself!

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Pave Initial V PendantPave Initial V PendantYour Price: $16.25
14k Initial K Charm14k Initial K CharmYour Price: $106.20
14k Initial G Charm14k Initial G CharmYour Price: $51.94
14k Initial M Charm14k Initial M CharmYour Price: $82.60