Diamond Circle & Oval Pendants

Do you know why Diamond Circle and Oval Pendants are those things that will make you double "good"? If we look around, we'll see that our world is full of geometric forms: squares, circles, triangles, ovals, spheres, etc. For people both in previous times and today shapes have always had some sacred meaning. If we turn our attention to a circle, we'll learn that circle means oneness, protection, harmony, wholeness, unity and power. Probably they say a circle was the first known symbol. We often say: this is my circle, circle of friends and if we think about the year, or other phenomena in our life, we'll see that everything goes round and round - in circles. If we turn our attention to ovals, we'll get to know that an oval means seed, and along with this - nothingness and zero. So Diamond Circle and Oval Pendants will be twice as useful for you, as if we think about diamonds - we know that they mean innocence, and they say that diamonds have some healing properties (for cough problems, for example). And if diamonds are with other gemstones together, they are said to strengthen their power, especially if with amethyst and sapphires. So browse through our sparkling collection of Diamond Circle and Oval Pendants and decide on one of these masterpieces.

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