Cameo Pendants

Cameo is a way of carving. Cameos are usually done on stones/ gemstones (especially agate and onyx) and shells. And traditionally the background contrasts with the cut front image. The most common cameos are white on blue, white on brown and white on black. On our Cameo Pendants you will find diverse scenes (floral carvings, carvings of some religious scenes, simply head and shoulders of people): new arrival, stork and baby, marcasite, three generations, first steps, siblings, mother and child, mother, everlasting love, three graces, etc. Cameos which are found at our site are often put into various frames: smooth, fancy, adorned, vintage, detailed, scalloped, basketweave, open, twisted, filigree, trimmed, etc. Cameos are made of gold, white gold, yellow gold, and sterling silver. And at last, to make you strongly all in love with one of our Cameo Pendants, some of them are adorned with different gemstones: diamonds, Cubic Zirconia, pearls, and many more. Wanna have memorable and bright cameo performances in your real life at various parties, family events and other holiday happenings - buy one of our Cameo Pendants and let your profile spotted by everyone.

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