Animal Charms

Animism is a belief in which they say that every object on the Earth, even inanimate one, has a soul. In previous times some peoples would drew certain animals on their skin, as they believed that then they'd surely get some outstanding abilities of the animal they've chosen for them. If you are a keen animal lover, then you've come across a real paradise for yourself! Whatever your favourite animal is, whether it's a common one or rather rare, domestic or wild, you'll surely come across it here: dogs, roosters, horses, lady bugs, dragons, owls, birds, pigs, bees, dolphins, elephants, giraffes, bears, lions, lioness, eagles, crabs, snakes, pelicans, turtles, starfishes, butterflies, frogs, hummingbirds, kangaroos, pelicans, rabbits, penguins, parrots, unicorns, Taurus, sea-horses, panthers, cats, foxes, seagulls, cows, dragonflies, scorpions, pandas, peacocks, husky, flamingoes, jaguars, tigers and even dog bones and horseshoes and stirrups charms are only here - at our site. Can imagine more?! 14K Gold and White Gold, also colored ones, with or without gemstones, for any prices.. For you, your friends and even for your pets - everybody will be glad to have one of those cute charms and pendants on their chains, bracelets, or even dog's collar.

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14k Chihuahua Disc Charm14k Chihuahua Disc CharmYour Price: $125.30
14K Gold Butterfly Charm14K Gold Butterfly CharmYour Price: $64.24
14k Bear Charm14k Bear CharmYour Price: $316.54
Sterling Silver Horse CharmSterling Silver Horse CharmYour Price: $11.16