Singapore Chains

The first jewelry industry appeared in ancient Egyptian civilization about 3 thousand years ago. At that time people preferred high quality gold as a favorable metal to make jewelry items. There existed special workshops, placed near temples, where professionals invented their masterpieces. Emerald, as a favorite gem of Cleopatra, was among the most frequently used gemstone in jewelry making. Women paid much attention to adding as many bracelets, earrings and chains as possible to accent their beauty. The large amount of jewelry also demonstrated a high social status and wealth of its owner. Today women as well as men all over the world are tempted by a fabulous variety of chains. Chains are a perfect accessory to complete one's image and add some spice to this or that outlook. We represent you a nice collection of singapore chains, which links consist of flat concentric loops, making an especially elegant effect. Please your jewelry box with a new singapore chain from our collection!

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10k 1.10mm Singapore Chain10k 1.10mm Singapore ChainYour Price: $53.90